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Fiver Challenge

This term, our Year 6 pupils have been creating their own businesses for the Fiver Challenge. They are each given £5 towards the starting costs of their business, which they pay back at the end of the project. The children worked together to develop business plans, including costings and projected income, and then made their dreams become a reality! The businesses were very popular and the profits will be split between a class treat and a charity of the children’s choice.

F1 trip to the Floating Classroom

Our Topic last half term was the Living Things.

To support and extend the children’s learning around this topic, we organised an educational trip to the Floating Classroom located at the Grand Union Canal. The trip took place on Wednesday the 22nd of May. The session was held on a boat and it was an imaginative, engaging and fun learning experience for the children.

​The children were involved in a hands-on session investigating various plants and creepy crawlies. They  also had a chance to discover the different animals and birds that live around the canal. All children behaved so well and we were so proud of them!