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Sing Up Gold Award

We are delighted to have been awarded the ‘Sing Up’ Gold Award for having singing embedded throughout the school.


Sing Up Gold certificate




Here are some of the endorser’s comments:

‘Overall I am very impressed with the quality of singing, particularly from the choir. It is clear that pupils are encouraged to sing well and with conviction, listening to their tuning, and as a result lots of the singing I heard was very beautiful.

It is good to hear that children are given lots of opportunities to lead singing, particularly in the upper years, and it’s good that this will be developed by supporting them to lead part singing.

It is nice to see such emphasis put on staff training. The training that took place was obviously a valuable experience for the staff that took part and it sounds like it has had an impact on their use of singing in the classroom.

Congratulations again St Mary’s Bryanston Square, you are a golden singing school and I look forward to hearing about your next singing adventures!’

Choir performs at Kensington Palace

On Friday, the school choir performed at Kensington Palace, and switched on the Christmas lights. They sang a selection of Christmas carols – old and new – to an audience of parents, the public and Queen Victoria (in costume). They sang very well indeed and everyone enjoyed their performance. After their singing, they took part in a ceremony to light the Christmas tree lights, with each child holding an electric tea light of their own. It was magical!

St Mary’s school does not take responsibility for any content on except what we have posted as ‘St Mary’s Bryanston Square Sch’.

Here is a clip of the children singing our new Christmas carol, ‘His Name Shall Be‘:

St Mary’s school does not take responsibility for any content on except what we have posted as ‘St Mary’s Bryanston Square Sch’.

Thank you to all the parents who came along and supported us, and to the children for all their hard work at home, learning the songs. We are very proud of you.


Year 5 take over Lord’s Cricket Ground!

On Friday, Year 5 took over Lord’s Cricket Ground and acted as tour guides for the day. They showed around Year 3 and some of our parents, explaining the history of the Ground and pointing out some of the key features. They really enjoyed this responsibility, and stepped up well to the challenge! Well done, Year 5.

Lord's 1 Lord's 4





Lord's 2Lord's 3

Cross Country Competition

Today, children from KS2 went to Regents’ Park to compete against other Westminster schools in Cross Country running. Most of the children are part of the school Running Club. In the Y3/4 race, two of our girls placed in the top 10; in the Y5/6 race, one of our boys game 6th! Overall, St Mary’s came 18th out of all the Westminster schools. Well done – we are very proud of you.

Here they are at the event:

cross country 1cross country 5 Cross country 4

Fencing Club

This term, we have started a new club before school: fencing. This is a traditional sport, where children learn control and technique. Don’t worry the foils (swords) are plastic!!

Fencing 1 Fencing 2

Golden Clubs

In KS2, we have replaced Golden Time with Golden Clubs. This gives children the opportunity to learn a new skill, or develop a talent. This term, our clubs are:

  • Debating Club
  • Art Club
  • Touch Typing Club
  • Film Club
  • Running Club

Here are some examples of the children enjoying their new clubs: