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Year 3 – Legacy Day

Today, Year 3 visited Paddington Recreation Ground for an Olympic Legacy day. They met Olympic athletes, tried a variety of Olympic sports and competed in races.

Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday, pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a Tag Rugby competition against other Westminster schools. They played extremely well, winning their first 3 matches and reaching the semi-finals. Their attitude, behaviour and teamwork were excellent.

Here is one child’s report of the day: Tag Rugby

Y6 at PGL

Year 6 are already off on their first trip of the year: PGL Activity Centre.

It was great to hear the instructors say that this is the most encouraging and supportive group they have worked with! Well done, Year 6.


Year 1 Multi-skills

Yesterday, Year 1 took part in a multi-skills event at Regents Park, to have a go at a whole range of different sporting activities. They had a wonderful time in the sunshine!

Y1 Multi skills 3 Y1 Multi skills 2 Y1 Multi skills 1

Sports Day 2016

On Friday, Years 1 to 6 went to Paddington Recreation Ground for our annual Sports Day. Despite the rain, we managed to have a really fun time, trying out all the different activities: egg and spoon, long jump, different ball skills, skipping, sprinting and long jump.

KS2 also ran relay races, including the Y6 vs parents and teachers race!