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Balance Bike Training

Children in Year 2 have had the opportunity to learn how to ride balance bikes this term, as part of the ‘Bike It’ scheme running in our school.

Y2 Football Tournament

Yesterday, Year 2 pupils took part in a football tournament with other local schools, run by QPR Football Club, at Westway Sports Centre. They had a fantastic day, playing games against other teams and developing their skills.

y2-football-3 y2-football-2 y2-football-1

Year 2 and 5 at Kidzania

This week, Year 2 and Year 5 both went to Kidzania in Westfield to explore various future careers. Their highlights included the radio station, TV studio and bank.

Year 2 visit to the Wallace Collection

Today, Year 2 went to the Wallace Collection in Marylebone to look at portraits. The children had the opportunity to recreate some of the portraits in the gallery themselves!

Year 1 Violins and Bicycles

Year 1 have been learning two new skills this week: playing the violin and riding a bike.

violinsTheir thrice-weekly violin lessons are provided by London Music Masters.

Every child has the opportunity to learn how to read Music, play the violin and develop their Musicianship. They are already loving it!



The bicycle training is provided by Cycle Confident.

They are teaching children across the school to ride confidently and safely, as part of our whole-school approach to health and well-being called ‘Bike It Plus’. St Mary’s is one of 6 schools to be running this scheme.

Art Exhibition

Yesterday, St Mary’s was transformed into an Art Gallery! Every class worked on an Art project, linked to the theme of Water, during ‘Arts Week’ and then displayed their work for parents and visitors to see. There were also filmed Musical performances, which were played during the exhibition, and the choir sang a selection of songs from different films.

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the children, and to the staff for all their hard work in putting the show together.

Year 1 Multi-skills

Yesterday, Year 1 took part in a multi-skills event at Regents Park, to have a go at a whole range of different sporting activities. They had a wonderful time in the sunshine!

Y1 Multi skills 3 Y1 Multi skills 2 Y1 Multi skills 1

Sports Day 2016

On Friday, Years 1 to 6 went to Paddington Recreation Ground for our annual Sports Day. Despite the rain, we managed to have a really fun time, trying out all the different activities: egg and spoon, long jump, different ball skills, skipping, sprinting and long jump.

KS2 also ran relay races, including the Y6 vs parents and teachers race!

Rottingdean – Year 2 and Year 5

On Wednesday last week, Year 2 and Year 5 went to Rottingdean on the South Coast to learn about a seaside environment. Year 5 were comparing Rottingdean with where we live in London, looking at the differences in land use; Year 2 were thinking about the beach and comparing it with beaches in the past.

Both classes wrote about their experiences specifically for our website. Here are the winning pieces:

Year 5

Rottingdean 2; Rottingdean 3; Rottingdean 4; Rottingdean 5; Rottingdean 6

Year 2

Rottingdean Y2 1;Rottingdean Y2 2;Rottingdean Y2 3; Rottingdean Y2 4;Rottingdean Y2 5