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F2 Trip to the Sea Life Centre

Last week, F2 visited the Sea Life centre (London Aquarium) as part of their Water topic.

They enjoyed seeing a whole range of underwater creatures, including the incredible jelly fish, and learning about different animals and their habitats.

International Week – F1 & F2

This week is International Week at St Mary’s, and we are all learning about different countries in the continent of Africa.

F1 and F2 are learning about Nigeria. One of our parents kindly visited F2 to share what life in Nigeria is like, including how people carry their babies!

F1 Post Office Visits

F1 are learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. This week they have been learning about how the Post Office helps us to send and receive letters. They wrote letters (including one to Miss Norman) to people who help them and visited the Post Office on Baker Street to send their letters. Afterwards, they wrote to the person who helped them in the Post Office, Chuka.

Art Exhibition

Yesterday, St Mary’s was transformed into an Art Gallery! Every class worked on an Art project, linked to the theme of Water, during ‘Arts Week’ and then displayed their work for parents and visitors to see. There were also filmed Musical performances, which were played during the exhibition, and the choir sang a selection of songs from different films.

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the children, and to the staff for all their hard work in putting the show together.

F1 (Nursery) Trip to Pizza Express

Yesterday, F1 went to Pizza Express on Baker Street.

The children were able to make a classic Italian Margherita pizza. It gave the children a great experience while picking up some useful skills as well. The children learnt how to knead the dough and create the perfect base. They discovered the importance of using fresh ingredients and they also had a chance to taste some ingredients. The children returned to school with their very own hand-made pizzas. They all loved making their pizzas and all behaved well. Many parents came to help for which we were very grateful.


Early Years Open Morning

Today, Early Years invited the children’s parents to come to an open morning, so that they could see the sorts of things the children have been learning, especially in Maths. The children really enjoyed showing their parents how they learn through play, and the parents were given some new ideas of how to help their children at home.

F1 Mini-beast Workshop

To support and extend the children’s learning around the topic of Mini-beasts, F1 organised an educational visit from the Holland Park Ecology Centre, which took place on Friday 15th April.

The children had the chance to handle the centre’s exotic mini-beasts (Giant Millipede and the Tiger Hissing Cockroach). They learnt the different groups of mini-beasts and how to classify them and they went on a mini-beast hunt in our garden. It was lots of fun!

Science Week – F2 (Reception)

F2 have been learning about making Falafel. Rania’s Grandmother visited the class and showed the children the process. The children then had a go for themselves!

Science Week – Nursery (F1)

In F1, children have been trying out all sorts of different Scientific ideas, based around their topic of Minibeasts: