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Balance Bike Training

Children in Year 2 have had the opportunity to learn how to ride balance bikes this term, as part of the ‘Bike It’ scheme running in our school.

Year 1 Violins and Bicycles

Year 1 have been learning two new skills this week: playing the violin and riding a bike.

violinsTheir thrice-weekly violin lessons are provided by London Music Masters.

Every child has the opportunity to learn how to read Music, play the violin and develop their Musicianship. They are already loving it!



The bicycle training is provided by Cycle Confident.

They are teaching children across the school to ride confidently and safely, as part of our whole-school approach to health and well-being called ‘Bike It Plus’. St Mary’s is one of 6 schools to be running this scheme.

Healthy Schools Award

St Mary’s has just been awarded the Healthy Schools Bronze Award for its commitment to children’s health and well-being. This includes all aspects of health: physical, emotional and mental health. The award is a way of recognising good practice in schools in promoting healthy lifestyles and keeping children safe from harm.

Healthy Schools logo

A huge congratulations to the staff who contributed to the awards process, especially Mrs McSherry and Mrs Leith who collated all the evidence. Thank you, too, to our parents; your support with healthy lunchboxes and engagement with sports clubs and activities has helped make this possible.


F1 (Nursery) Trip to Pizza Express

Yesterday, F1 went to Pizza Express on Baker Street.

The children were able to make a classic Italian Margherita pizza. It gave the children a great experience while picking up some useful skills as well. The children learnt how to knead the dough and create the perfect base. They discovered the importance of using fresh ingredients and they also had a chance to taste some ingredients. The children returned to school with their very own hand-made pizzas. They all loved making their pizzas and all behaved well. Many parents came to help for which we were very grateful.


St Mary’s Keeps Fit!

At St Mary’s, we have been thinking about many of the different ways of keeping healthy and staying active.

This week, we held ‘Shoesday Tuesday’ at the request of the school council to encourage both pupils and adults to walk to school.

Shoesday Tuesday (2)


School Council letter May 2016






Year 5 and 6 pupils have been learning how to cycle safely over the last couple of weeks, and have also been finding out how to mend their bikes when they go wrong in a ‘FIX IT’ workshop.

Cycle training yr 6 May 16 (2)Cycle training yr 6 May 16 (1)Bike 'FIX IT' session (1)

New Lunch Menus

At the end of last term, we sent out a letter explaining that a new catering company is now providing our school meals, along with many other schools in Westminster. The company is called Caterlink. Here is the menu that will be served this term at St Mary’s:

Silver Summer Menu 2016

Please note that cake desserts will only be served on Fridays, in line with our whole school healthy eating policy.

We look forward to hearing the children’s comments about the new food.

Sports Relief ‘Bunny Hop’ Fundraiser

Today the children at St Mary’s hopped and ran to raise money for Sports Relief.

The younger children hopped around the school playground, completing an obstacle course:

Children in KS2 (and some of their teachers) ran around the church. Some children managed 24 laps, which is more than a mile!

Y5 Run

Y5 Run



Thank you to all the staff, parents and ‘Friends’ of St Mary’s who helped make the event such a success.