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Y5 Girls’ Football Tournament

This week a group of Year 5 girls took part in a Westminster-wide football tournament at Paddington Recreation Ground. They played valiantly and managed to score a few goals.

Miss Bell says:

‘One of the teachers from Queen’s ollege commented on their sportsmanship which was excellent and they also initiated a friendly match against Hampden Gurney at the end of the competition as neither got into the semi-finals. They approached the other school’s adult and organised it themselves so it was great to see their enthusiasm.’

Girls Football 2017 small for web Football Tournament Match Report







Well done girls, we are very proud of you.

Year 5 Cirque du Soleil Trip/ Evolution Project

This term, Year 5 have started working with Rolls Royce and the Royal Albert Hall on a Design Technology project called ‘Evolution’. The project centres around the Cirque du Soleil performance of Amaluna, which they saw on Friday at the RAH. They are now working on designing a structure inspired by the show, and will be helped in their work by Rolls Royce engineers. It is a very exciting opportunity and we are delighted to be taking part.

Year 6 Trip to Oxford University

Today, Year 6 visited Wadham College in Oxford to get a taste of Oxford University life!

Y6 Oxford 2017 14

The day started in Wadham College’s chapel, where children showed immense respect and curiosity about University life.

They quizzed students about what it’s like to study at Oxford, had a tour of the college and ate their lunch in the refectory. The Chaplain, Revd Wendy Wale, also introduced the children to the college’s welfare dog, Jonah, which the children loved.

It was a particularly exciting day for one of our pupils, whose parents both studied at Wadham. Tradition dictates that a child whose parents both went to Wadham College is allowed to stand on the quad grass (which is completely out of bounds to anyone else!).

After learning all about the college, they did a short tour of Oxford, finding out about the inspiration and history behind C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books, and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories.

Year 4 Maths Workshop at the Wallace Collection

On Wednesday, Year 4 visited the Wallace Collection to pilot a workshop using the artefacts as a basis for learning about Maths in different contexts. They searched for circles, spheres and ellipses in the art, then learnt about the parts of a circle. Toby (the armouries curator) spoke to them about shields and then they used the shields they saw to design their own.


School Council at British Land Offices

Today, the School Council visited the offices of British Land with Mrs Leith and Miss Norman.

We have a very close partnership with British Land. Volunteers read with children in our school every week, and one of our Governors also works for British Land. They also run an annual art project and have sponsored our school library.

We met with Matthew Webster, who spoke to the children about the impact buildings and cities can have upon our well-being and health, to give the children ideas for further improving our own school environment. Some of the different ideas we discussed were: the importance of having plants and natural materials in the building, different ways to encourage people to interact with each other to build relationships, and the need to motivate people to be active throughout the day. Lots of food for thought!

This is what the children said:

“I learnt that people in hospital reovered better when they viewed greenery than when they viewed metalworks.” Sebastian – Y4

“It was so interesting finding out more about your organisation and how you try to make the world a greener place. We are also grateful for your brilliant facts you taught us, such as: don’t have any electronics at your bedtime mostly because your eyes are used to the light and are telling you to wake up.” Jaffar – Y6

“I never knew about the Kalahari Bushmen.” Mehdi – Y3

We all had a really interesting time and loved seeing the newly designed offices.

Year 5 Trip to Thames Barrier

Yesterday, Year 5 visited the Thames Barrier. This is an incredible mechanism, which protects London from any flooding, which it has done successfully ever since its inception. The children had a great time and learnt lots of interesting information to support their Geography curriculum learning.

Thames Barrier Y5 3 Thames Barrier Y5 2 Thames Barrier Y5 1


F1 Post Office Visits

F1 are learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. This week they have been learning about how the Post Office helps us to send and receive letters. They wrote letters (including one to Miss Norman) to people who help them and visited the Post Office on Baker Street to send their letters. Afterwards, they wrote to the person who helped them in the Post Office, Chuka.

Year 6 Art Studio Visit

Year 6 were excited to attend an Art workshop last Monday led by Ananda’s father, Robi. He has a new show exhibiting in his Soho studio, called I PROJECT YOU. This investigates the filters we all view ourselves and each other through. He kindly offered to hold a workshop for the children, which involved the children painting a portrait (not real-life, but more how they ‘saw’ or interpreted the subject).

Their work was impressive and Robi commented on how engaged they all were and their great questions and answers. Year 6’s work will be sent to the school in the New Year and displayed in the school.


Year 5 ‘Billy the Kid’ project

Year 5 have been learning about the history of WW2, and of Chelsea Football Club, through reading the book ‘Billy the Kid’. They also visited Westminster Archives to look at artefacts from the period and find out more.