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Year 6 at the Football Premiership

On Friday, Year 6 visited the Premiership’s Headquarters.

The activities the children did were:

  • meeting a professional referee (Mike Dean)
  • finding out about how football kits are designed and how they decide which kits to wear for each match
  • a quiz on the Premiership’s community work
  • an interactive quiz where the children had to guess what happened next in various matches
  • seeing the Premier League trophy
  • being a sports commentator and filming their own sports news slot
  • finding out about nutrition (some children even tried edible flowers!)

The children had a fantastic time and were, as ever, beautifully behaved.

International Day Assembly

This morning, we held an assembly where all the children shared which country they came from, and showed their traditional costumes.

International Day 2016 Assembly for web


Each class also explained to the school the work they had undertaken about the countries they have studied this week.

International Week – Morocco

This week is International Week at St Mary’s. Each class is learning about a country represented by children in our school. This year, we are mostly focusing on countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We are also learning about caring for and celebrating people who have a different faith or different beliefs to us (one of the ‘British Values‘).

Year 1 have been learning about Morocco. They have been painting tiles with Moroccan patterns, and Adam’s Mum visited the class to talk about life in Morocco.

Lord’s Cricket Coaching – Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 are having specialist cricket coaching this term from an expert from Lord’s Cricket Ground. The school has a strong link with Lord’s (earlier in the year, Year 5 pupils acted as tour guides for Year 3 around the ground) and these sessions are helping the children to develop their cricketing skills even more.

Y4 cricket

Classics Day at Wetherby Prep

On Tuesday, Year 6 were invited to spend the day at Wetherby Prep School, sharing their Classics Day. Students from the Classics department of Oxford University led workshops on different areas of classical life, such as theatre, gladiators and writing in Greek. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, learning about different cultures and languages. They also behaved extremely well and were a real credit to our school. Huge thanks to Wetherby for this fantastic experience!

Prayers for ourselves and our world – Year 5

Today we held our termly Church Service at St Mary’s. Year 5 wrote and led these beautiful prayers:

Dear God,

Y1 artwork

Thank you for giving us the Fruit of the Spirit. You saw we needed help, so you had a kind heart and gave them to us as a gift. Help us to be loving, gentle, kind, good, peaceful, joyful, hopeful and have self-control. Help us to remember them over the holidays and always. If anyone asks for the Fruit of the Spirit, please be generous with them. Let us all remember to treat other people how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Thank you for keeping our school community safe and away from harm. We pray that you will keep it that way. We thank you for food when others are hungry, for drink when others are thirsty, and for friends when others are lonely.

Thank you for the school we learn in and the adults who help us learn. Help us to show excellence whilst also showing compassion. Please keep us safe over the half term break.

We pray for people who have lost friends or family members in the train crash in Germany. We pray that the cause will soon be found and that those who were injured will recover.

Please also protect the people around the world who have the Zika virus. Look after them, especially babies, so that they can have the life they deserve. We pray that a cure will soon be found and that the spread of the disease will stop.


Greek Day – Year 3

Greek day 2016Greek day 2016 2





Today, Year 3 dressed up as Greeks to learn more about life in Ancient Greece. They found out about the Parthenon in Athens, and made their own versions out of junk modelling materials. Theme days are a key aspect of our Topic learning, as they help the children to immerse themselves in a different time and/or culture. Children spend time at home making their costumes and researching the topic beforehand for homework.

International Day

On Friday 26th February, we will be holding our annual International Day. Each class will be learning about a different country and will present their learning in an assembly at 9.15am. There will also be the opportunity for children to show their clothing, as everyone has the chance to dress in their national costume or colours.

After school, the Friends will be running an International Evening, with stalls set up to share food and information about many of the countries represented in our school.

International Evening flierPlease let us know if you think you might be able to help, and do join us. It is always a lovely occasion!