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Sports Relief ‘Bunny Hop’ Fundraiser

Today the children at St Mary’s hopped and ran to raise money for Sports Relief.

The younger children hopped around the school playground, completing an obstacle course:

Children in KS2 (and some of their teachers) ran around the church. Some children managed 24 laps, which is more than a mile!

Y5 Run

Y5 Run



Thank you to all the staff, parents and ‘Friends’ of St Mary’s who helped make the event such a success.

Easter Service

This morning, we held our Easter service in church. Rev Ben Jones talked to us about how surprised the disciples would have been on the very first Easter.

The choir sang a version of ‘When I Survey the Wondrous Cross’ (with a modern twist!):


The children in Year 6 led our prayers:

Dear God,

At this holy time of Easter, we thank you for your powerful love, which means that you will always forgive us when we are sorry for the wrong things that we have done.

Help us to have the grace to forgive those who upset us or make us angry.

We pray for all the people who have been affected by the bombings in Belgium this week. We pray for everyone who has lost someone they care about because of terrorism. Please give them the strength they need at this difficult time.

Please fill the hearts of terrorists with love instead of hate and peace instead of anger. We pray that all around the world, nations will unite in peace and harmony.

We pray for you to help those who have been hurt by war. We pray especially for the people in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. We ask you to bring them peace very soon.

Please give strength to people who have been affected by illness. We pray for their families and those who care for them.

Please help us to look after your beautiful world and all the things in it. Help us to look after each other and especially those in need. We pray for people who are refugees. Help them to find a safe place to stay and to be welcomed.

Thank you for our school and all the people who are part of making it such a special place. Help us to work as hard as we can to do our best. Thank you for making it a safe and happy place for us to learn.

Please keep us all safe over the holidays. Thank you for this chance to spend time with our families.


BIT Award for the Prevention of Bullying

St Mary’s has been awarded the BIT award in recognition of its work in preventing bullying in school. This is a wonderful achievement and something we are extremely proud of, as we take anti-bullying extremely seriously. Year 5 worked intensively with Kidscape last term, and both Mrs Leith and Mr Davies have been trained to deliver high-quality anti-bullying teaching to the children. A huge thank you to Mrs Leith, Mrs McSherry and all the staff for all their work in protecting our children.

St Mary’s Bryanston Square Primary School Primary Bullying Intervention Training Certificate Kidscape-PrimaryBIT-Logo-WEBSITE

Science Week – Year 6

Year 6 have been testing Newton’s Theory of Colour and building their own periscopes!

Science Week – F2 (Reception)

F2 have been learning about making Falafel. Rania’s Grandmother visited the class and showed the children the process. The children then had a go for themselves!

Science Week – Year 5

Year 5 learnt about fingerprints, and how each one is unique. They helped each other to take imprints of their fingerprints, and compared them with each other.

Science Week – Nursery (F1)

In F1, children have been trying out all sorts of different Scientific ideas, based around their topic of Minibeasts:

Science Week – Year 4

This week is Science Week, and some of the teachers have been swapping classes to share their ideas for great experiments! Mr Pendlebury taught Y4 Science this week, and they made Lava Lamps from water bottles: