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Rottingdean – Year 2 and Year 5

On Wednesday last week, Year 2 and Year 5 went to Rottingdean on the South Coast to learn about a seaside environment. Year 5 were comparing Rottingdean with where we live in London, looking at the differences in land use; Year 2 were thinking about the beach and comparing it with beaches in the past.

Both classes wrote about their experiences specifically for our website. Here are the winning pieces:

Year 5

Rottingdean 2; Rottingdean 3; Rottingdean 4; Rottingdean 5; Rottingdean 6

Year 2

Rottingdean Y2 1;Rottingdean Y2 2;Rottingdean Y2 3; Rottingdean Y2 4;Rottingdean Y2 5

Year 6 visit to BMW

On Friday, Year 6 visited BMW in Camden to learn about the future of cars and associated technology. They saw driverless cars, cars that reflect their driver’s personality and all sorts of amazing new features. While they were there, they had the opportunity to try on VR glasses (and bring some back to school), programme robots and make wallets out of indestructible material. It was a fantastic follow-on to their ‘Tomorrow Project‘ drama, where the children imagined a classroom with VR!

Rock Climbing

Thanks to our School Sports Grant, children are taking part in different Sports activities this term that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do. Today, Year 3 pupils went Rock Climbing at Seymour Leisure Centre.

Rock Climbing 2 Rock climbing 3 Rock climbing 1

British Land Green Day

On Wednesday, children from Year 2, our school Green Team and the Gardening Club worked with volunteers from British Land. The school has a close relationships with British Land, which is based near the school, and the Green Day is now an annual event.

Children in Year 2 worked with the volunteers to turn recycled items into Father’s Day gifts:


The Green Team and Gardening Club worked on cleaning and sorting out the school’s greenhouse, and also created a miniature garden using recycled materials:

Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen

On Saturday, the Queen celebrated her official 90th birthday. Several of us celebrated at an indoor Street Party in St Mary’s Church on Sunday, and on Monday, we had a specially themed assembly about the Queen and royal tea with Miss Norman. We have been thinking about the ways in which the Queen has kept herself healthy and happy – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and looking at what we can learn from her. Happy birthday, your Majesty!

Tea 13.6.16 QueenGracious God, give our Queen continued wisdom and strength to carry out the promises she has made;
and bless those who are gathered here,
that, by serving others,
we may faithfully serve you, all the days of our life. Amen (adapted from the CofE)