Monthly Archives: September 2016

Year 3 – Legacy Day

Today, Year 3 visited Paddington Recreation Ground for an Olympic Legacy day. They met Olympic athletes, tried a variety of Olympic sports and competed in races.

Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday, pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a Tag Rugby competition against other Westminster schools. They played extremely well, winning their first 3 matches and reaching the semi-finals. Their attitude, behaviour and teamwork were excellent.

Here is one child’s report of the day: Tag Rugby

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day

Last week, every class learnt about the work of the amazing children’s author, Roald Dahl. The 13th September would have been his 100th birthday! He was an author who was never afraid to try new ideas, and his imagination was incredible. Books the children looked at included: The Enormous Crocodile (EYFS), The Twits (KS1), Fantastic Mr Fox and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (KS2). Year 6 wrote biographies about Roald Dahl’s life. On Friday, each class shared their work with the school in a special Golden Assembly.









You can find out more about Roald Dahl at 100 here: Roald Dahl 100

Year 6 Tudor Roses

Year 6 are starting to learn about the Tudors in History, and so they made Tudor Roses in Art to help them understand the background and context to the era.

Year 2 visit to the Wallace Collection

Today, Year 2 went to the Wallace Collection in Marylebone to look at portraits. The children had the opportunity to recreate some of the portraits in the gallery themselves!

Year 1 Violins and Bicycles

Year 1 have been learning two new skills this week: playing the violin and riding a bike.

violinsTheir thrice-weekly violin lessons are provided by London Music Masters.

Every child has the opportunity to learn how to read Music, play the violin and develop their Musicianship. They are already loving it!



The bicycle training is provided by Cycle Confident.

They are teaching children across the school to ride confidently and safely, as part of our whole-school approach to health and well-being called ‘Bike It Plus’. St Mary’s is one of 6 schools to be running this scheme.

Year 5 Trip to the Bank of England

Yesterday, Year 5 visited the Bank of England Museum in the City. They learnt about our country’s financial system, held real gold (yes, really!) and discovered how bank notes (including the brand new £5 note) are made. It was a great way to put their Mathematical learning into a real life context.