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Black History Month Celebration

Today, we held a celebration assembly to share what we had learnt over Black History Month.

Year 6 started by singing ‘Amazing Grace’, a hymn written by John Newton in 1779 after he realised how damaging his job as a slave ship captain had been, and an anthem of people trying to escape slavery all around the world.

Then each class told us what they had learnt about their class value and the person they studied who demontrated that value.

Lulu in Year 5 shared her version of Dr Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech:

I have a dream!

I have a dream that the homeless will find a home, the poor will find a job, the soldiers in war will have God always hovering over them, and prisoners in jail will learn their lessons.

I have a dream that one day the war in Syria will stop and the war will not only end but end in happiness and peace and that the children there will finally return to school.

I have a dream that more people will sit down with the poor and homeless and talk to them and give them their spare change.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that more people will make more shelters for refugees and the world will be peaceful for years to come.

I have a dream!


Year 2 and 5 at Kidzania

This week, Year 2 and Year 5 both went to Kidzania in Westfield to explore various future careers. Their highlights included the radio station, TV studio and bank.

Harvest Festival

Today, we held our Harvest Festival in St Mary’s Church.

harvest-2016The children generously donated gifts for the North Paddington Food Bank: food-bank-shopping-list-and-poster

Kirstine reminded us of the story of Joshua, with an amazing colour-changing Bible. Revd Ben talked to us about how God is always with us when we are afraid, as He was with Joshua, and how we can therefore look back and be thankful to God.

The choir sang their first performance piece of the year, written by gospel legend, Kirk Franklin.

Year 6 led our prayers:

Our Father in Heaven,

We give thanks during this Harvest time. We give thanks for our friends, family and teachers. We give thanks for life and the freedom to enjoy it and all other blessings.

At this Harvest time we thank you for the world we see around us; for the flowers, the trees and the animals. Bless all those who care for them, Lord. Help us to protect your creation by being careful about how we use your resources.

We pray at this time for those affected by conflict and war. In particular, we send our prayers to those who have fled Syria and now live in homes, churches and camps in the region and across our continent of Europe. Watch over them and may all Syrian refugees find true refuge.

Thank you for the work that the Paddington Food Bank does to help people who don’t have enough food in our area. We hope that the donations we have brought will bring happiness to those who are in need.


Y5: Pizza Chefs!

Last week, Year 5 visited Pizza Express on Baker Street to try their hands at making a Margherita Pizza. This is part of their Design Technology curriculum.

They had a fantastic time (and the pizzas tasted pretty good, too!)

BHM: Visit from Hannah Kendall

On Wednesday, Hannah Kendall visited to talk about how she became a composer, as part of our Black History Month celebrations.

hannah-bhm-3She described the process of writing a piece of classical music (for up to 100 instruments!) and told the children about the opera she has recently written.

Hannah has a passion for encouraging children and young people from a range of backgrounds (particularly girls, who are under-represented in the profession)  to explore a career in composition and Music.


Hannah also shared how her faith in God had inspired her and helped her discover her vocation.

The children loved listening to her orchestral piece, which was very dramatic and exciting!

Puffin Live with Clare Balding

Yesterday, Year 4 and 5 attended another ‘Puffin (Virtually) Live’ event at Sadlers Wells, wearing their own creations of fancy hats – just like a day at the races!

Sports presenter Clare Balding has written a children’s book called ‘The Horse Who Wouldn’t Gallop’. It’s about a girl called Charlie whose family buy a racehorse to try and raise money to save their farm. Unfortunately, the horse (Noble Warrior) won’t gallop unless he’s with his friend Percy the pony. The story is about facing challenges and not giving up. The show was hosted by Radzi (from Blue Peter), who interviewed Clare; some of the children also asked her questions. Clare read an extract from the book and all the children received a free copy!

The children also had the chance to see behind the scenes at a racing stables and learnt how to draw a horse.

It will be airing on Friday 14th October at 2pm:

BHM: Visit from QPR football stars

Yesterday, we were delighted to welcome into school football stars Nedum Onuoha and Steven Caulker from Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club. They both spoke about how they had become professional footballers and the importance of their academic schooling in their upbringing. The children asked a range of questions about their lives and careers.

We were also pleased to welcome Year 6 children from Christchurch Bentinck School to join us for this Black History Month Assembly.

BHM: African Art Exhibition at Somerset House

As part of a programme of events for Black History Month, Year 6 visited Somerset House to view the artwork of one of our talented parents: Robi Walters. This work forms part of an exhibition of African-inspired art, including photography by Malick Sidibe. The children found the variety of artwork inspirational and had a fantastic trip.