Monthly Archives: November 2016

Choir performs at Kensington Palace

On Friday, the school choir performed at Kensington Palace, and switched on the Christmas lights. They sang a selection of Christmas carols – old and new – to an audience of parents, the public and Queen Victoria (in costume). They sang very well indeed and everyone enjoyed their performance. After their singing, they took part in a ceremony to light the Christmas tree lights, with each child holding an electric tea light of their own. It was magical!

St Mary’s school does not take responsibility for any content on except what we have posted as ‘St Mary’s Bryanston Square Sch’.

Here is a clip of the children singing our new Christmas carol, ‘His Name Shall Be‘:

St Mary’s school does not take responsibility for any content on except what we have posted as ‘St Mary’s Bryanston Square Sch’.

Thank you to all the parents who came along and supported us, and to the children for all their hard work at home, learning the songs. We are very proud of you.


Year 5 Tour of Lord’s

On Friday, Year 5 pupils conducted a tour of Lord’s Cricket Ground for groups of children and adults. Pupils from our Year 3 class, and from Wetherby Prep School, were taken around, as well as our Chair of Governors and some parents and teachers.

The Lord’s staff were extremely impressed with the children and said that they had done an excellent job!

Year 1 Toys Day

On Friday, Year 1 had a theme day learning all about toys.

Themed around their ‘Toys’ History topic they undertook several activities over the day. Children drew old toys, played with toys from the past and made their own ball and cup game which they really enjoyed playing with.

Children also wrote questions to ask Mr Riordan and he came in to answer the children’s questions, who explained all about toys and life from when he was young.

Westminster Winter Windows

We are delighted that four of our pupils now have work displayed in Leicester Square as part of the ‘Westminster Windows’ project. There are 20 illuminated images, created by school children for a Westminster-wide competition on the theme of light.

Last night, Ananda, Sagi, Khadija and Sara went to Leicester Square to be presented with a certificate by the Lord Mayor of London, and see their ‘windows’ in situ. Congratulations!

If you get the chance, do go along and have a look.

Year 3 Trip to London Zoo

Yesterday, Year 3 visited London Zoo. They have been studying skeletons and their functions (protection, support and movement). During a workshop at the Zoo, they learned about how many animals have the same types of bones as humans. They then observed many different animals at the zoo, and saw how their bones and muscles help them to move.

london-zoo-y3-bones-3 london-zoo-y3-bones-2 london-zoo-y3-bones

Remembrance Day

The whole school held 2 minutes’ silence today to mark Remembrance Day. The children explained that on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, ‘we will remember them’. Year 6 read ‘On Flanders Field’ and we all prayed together for the peace of our world.