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KS2 Nativity Play – Hosanna Rock

KS2 children performed their fantastic Nativity this afternoon: Hosanna Rock. The singing was beautiful (with some wonderful solos), the dancing was energetic and the words were spoken very clearly. Well done, children – you were great!

KS1 Nativity Play – Aliens tell the Christmas Story!

This afternoon, Year 1 and 2 put on their version of the Christmas Story, with a group of aliens stranded on earth telling the story. There were stars and angels and Mary and Joseph, who like the aliens, could find no home. The children acted brilliantly and sang their hearts out. Well done, we are very proud of you!

School Carol Service

We had a wonderful carol service on Wednesday. The choir and Year 6 started us off by singing in Latin, then the whole school joined in to raise the roof with some fantastic carols. Year 6 read beautifully, and Year 5 led us in special prayers for Mrs Arnold and Mr Riordan, and for Aleppo in Syria. It was great to see lots of our parents joining us for this special service.

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St Mary’s Christingle Service

This morning, the school choir sang as part of the St Mary’s Church Chistingle Service. They did a fantastic job and everyone loved it – well done!

St Mary’s school does not take responsibility for any content on except what we have posted as ‘St Mary’s Bryanston Square Sch’.

They also enjoyed the experience of lighting their very own Christingles:

Christingle 2016


Year 6 Art Studio Visit

Year 6 were excited to attend an Art workshop last Monday led by Ananda’s father, Robi. He has a new show exhibiting in his Soho studio, called I PROJECT YOU. This investigates the filters we all view ourselves and each other through. He kindly offered to hold a workshop for the children, which involved the children painting a portrait (not real-life, but more how they ‘saw’ or interpreted the subject).

Their work was impressive and Robi commented on how engaged they all were and their great questions and answers. Year 6’s work will be sent to the school in the New Year and displayed in the school.


Year 3 Stone Age Day

Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age in History, and about rocks in Science, so today they had a Stone Age themed day. They learnt about how fire was used in all areas of life, how people sheltered and the sort of clothing they wore.

Stone Age Day 1Stone Age Day 2Stone Age Day 3