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Tag Rugby Competition

Yesterday, pupils from Year 5 and 6 competed in the Westminster Tag Rugby Competition.

Here are their match reports:

On 27th September, children took part in a tag rugby competition. First we changed into our kits and then we made our way to Regents Park where the competition was held. We all had an amazing time, but unfortunately we didn’t score any goals on our first game and managed to make it up by scoring two scores on our second game and we had a draw on our third. The games started after lunch and we had games and drills before lunch. In the drills we played games such as handball and we competed against St Matthew’s. We practised kicking, scoring, defending and attacking. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the semi-finals but played really well in the matches. We are all very proud of ourselves and can’t wait to do something like this again. Thank you Miss Bell and Miss Ali.

By Jenin and Rihanna

First, we left assembly to get changed into our kit. We made our way to Regents Park shortly after. There were 12 people who came (including me and Sara); when we arrived we were surprised to see many local schools. We started with a warm up which consisted of drills and skills. Luckily, we were the fastest school in the running warm up. We competed against St Matthew’s during the warm-ups. When we got to the real games, it was much more competitive. The first game we played we scored 1-0. The second and third game we drew. Sadly, we didn’t get through to the semi-finals but we scored 5 tries in total. It was amazing and we were so glad we could go. A big thank you to Mr Pendlebury and Miss Bell. Also Miss Ali and the parents that supported us.

By Roxy and Sara

Class Collective Worship

This year, we have started a weekly time of Collective Worship in the classroom, for children to explore our assembly themes in even greater depth with their classteacher. As part of this, we are also using a variety of creative ways to pray and reflect, both about ourselves and the world around us.

PGL Day 3 Continued

The children ended their trip with abseiling and aeroball:

F1 Apple Pie

Yesterday, F1 used the apples from their garden to make an apple pie. They first had to go to the shops to buy ingredients for the pastry. Here they are on their shopping trip, and baking the pie together:

It was a very tasty pie!