St Mary’s School Vision and Logo

We have been working hard on our vision for St Mary’s school, and on a modern, up to date logo. Please see our document about how we did this: St Marys Identity and Vision 2015

Our vision for St Mary’s is:

Excellence with compassion


This means that our aim is:

“To provide an excellent learning environment, which promotes achievement in every area, and nurtures the social, emotional and spiritual well-being of the whole school community.”

Our new logo is a version of the logo the children currently have on their school uniform, showing St Mary’s Church:



You will start to see this logo being used all around the school, and from 1st January, you will be able to buy uniform with this logo on (both in school, and online). The school council have helped us develop the school uniform, and as a result we will be introducing some new items.

We hope you like our vision and logo, and will support us to make St Mary’s the best it can be!