Admissions Consultation for 2017-18

The Governing Body of St Mary’s School would like to consult you on proposed changes to St Mary’s admissions criteria for Reception from September 2017.

The changes would split applications into two categories: Foundation (church) and Open (other), giving both Christian families and families of other faiths, or none, to be included in our school. This is a key part of our school ethos and the recommended model of the London Diocesan Board for Schools.

Within both categories, siblings would be prioritised so that families are kept together – again a key aspect of our ethos as a family-oriented school.

Within the church category, priority would be given to families who worship at St Mary’s church, in recognition of the growing links between the church and the school and how families from the church consider this to be their local community. Families from other churches would be considered next, in order of distance from the school.

Within the Open category, after siblings, families would be considered purely on their distance from the school. It is important to the Governors that St Mary’s remains a school which serves its local community.

The suggested distribution would be 60% Foundation (church) places and 40% Open (non-church) places.

Here are a letter from our Chair of Governors, the draft Admissions Policy and the draft Supplementary Form: Admissions consultation letter 2015 Draft Admissions policy 2017 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION FORM FOR ADMISSION 2017

You can also find details on the Westminster City Council website:

The consultation period runs from Monday 16th November 2015 until Friday January 15th 2016 and the Governors warmly welcome any comments from our parents, stakeholders and members of our local community. Please submit your comments in writing to Ms Breeda Cahill at the school or by email: