Prayers for ourselves and our world – Year 5

Today we held our termly Church Service at St Mary’s. Year 5 wrote and led these beautiful prayers:

Dear God,

Y1 artwork

Thank you for giving us the Fruit of the Spirit. You saw we needed help, so you had a kind heart and gave them to us as a gift. Help us to be loving, gentle, kind, good, peaceful, joyful, hopeful and have self-control. Help us to remember them over the holidays and always. If anyone asks for the Fruit of the Spirit, please be generous with them. Let us all remember to treat other people how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Thank you for keeping our school community safe and away from harm. We pray that you will keep it that way. We thank you for food when others are hungry, for drink when others are thirsty, and for friends when others are lonely.

Thank you for the school we learn in and the adults who help us learn. Help us to show excellence whilst also showing compassion. Please keep us safe over the half term break.

We pray for people who have lost friends or family members in the train crash in Germany. We pray that the cause will soon be found and that those who were injured will recover.

Please also protect the people around the world who have the Zika virus. Look after them, especially babies, so that they can have the life they deserve. We pray that a cure will soon be found and that the spread of the disease will stop.