Rottingdean – Year 2 and Year 5

On Wednesday last week, Year 2 and Year 5 went to Rottingdean on the South Coast to learn about a seaside environment. Year 5 were comparing Rottingdean with where we live in London, looking at the differences in land use; Year 2 were thinking about the beach and comparing it with beaches in the past.

Both classes wrote about their experiences specifically for our website. Here are the winning pieces:

Year 5

Rottingdean 2; Rottingdean 3; Rottingdean 4; Rottingdean 5; Rottingdean 6

Year 2

Rottingdean Y2 1;Rottingdean Y2 2;Rottingdean Y2 3; Rottingdean Y2 4;Rottingdean Y2 5