St Mary’s School Governors

St Mary’s has a board of 11 Governors, who are responsible for leading the school and making decisions about how the school is run.

You can contact the Governors via the Clerk, Susan Jacobs:

St Mary’s Governing Body Membership – September 2019 – GB Membership 1920 St M

Register of Interests St Mary’s December 2018

The Governors are:

Sarah Bedford (Chair of Governors, Safeguarding, SEND) – parent

(This email address is confidential and only accessed by the Chair of Governors)


Shaza El Musharaf (Achievement, Community & Values) – Parent Governor Shaza





Tom Cross – St Mary’s Church PCC




Westminster LA – Keith Le Bihan




Richard Blyth (Chair of Resources Committee) – Deanery Synod Richard Blyth web




Tim Mvula (Achievement, Community & Values) – Deanery SynodT Mvula




Claire Barber – LDBS (Foundation)




Mark Dighe – LDBS (Foundation)

Reverend Matt Coombs – ex officio St Mary’s Church




Lee Duffy – Headteacher





You can contact the school Governors via the Clerk, Sue Jacobs: