Creativity is highly valued at St Mary’s. Children take pride in their work and their artwork is displayed prominently throughout the school. Children enjoy using the work of famous artists to inspire their own pieces of art. Children use a wide range of artistic materials to create artwork in a variety of styles. Take a look at some of our art work:

Art Year 2Art Year 6Rubens Rainbow




Rubens Rainbow 2





Art Year 4Art Year 3Art Year 1





How can parents help?

Art is an enjoyable activity which is easy to do at home. Here are a few suggestions to get started:

  • Save some of your recycling. Create a ‘bits and pieces’ box out of old pieces of paper, card, sweet wrappers, bottles – anything which could make fun and exciting art!
  • Have art materials available. Keep art materials easily accessible in the home so that children can practice their artistic skills.
  • Be observant. When out and about, encourage children to notice buildings and landscapes around them.
  • Look at the links below if you or your children would like to find out more…

Links: BBC Art KS1 and KS2. The BBC covers the whole art curriculum on their website, including a variety of videos for some fantastic art projects that you can do at home. Cbeebies Art Foundation Stage. Make and do activities for young children. I am an Artist. If you are looking for more art projects to do at home, this website has simple illustrations and videos for children of all ages to make some creative projects. Destination Modern Art. The website features the works in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Children can look at the works of art, learn about the artists and try the online activities. Tate Galleries Children’s Page. Have a look at these games and activities from The Tate. You can make your own personal gallery and send in work or look at other children’s projects in their gallery. Tate Galleries Workshops. The Tate modern and Tate Britain frequently hold free workshops for children throughout the year to develop their artistic skills. There are many other workshops available for free around London too.

Art Curriculum:

Curriculum Map for Art and DT