Design Technology

Our Approach

DT (Design and technology) is an inspiring part of the curriculum that enables children to use their imagination and creativity to design, make and evaluate a range of products or systems that solve real life and relevant problems within a variety of contexts.

At St Mary’s, our lessons are hands on and interactive. We give children many experiences to explore, practise and consolidate a variety of practical and technical activities.

All classes from Year 1 to Year 6 spend at least 60 minutes per week or they have a ‘DT’ week to immerse themselves in hands on activities that promote planning, designing and making tasks involving, structures, mechanisms and textiles as well as food-based activities.

Our school use the a range of schemes of work and we use the local environment and local community to enhance our lessons wherever possible.

DT is integrated with many curriculum areas such as ICT, Science, Maths and Literacy.

Year 6 DT lesson – making a fairground ride, with moving parts driven by an electric motor

How can parents help?

DT is everywhere and is part of our everyday life. Think about famous inventors who have created wonderful inventions that we use daily. Cooking and food technology places an important role in DT. Talk with your child how food and packaging has changed over the years and the possibility for the future!

Links: The Design and Technology Association this website is a part of the Cabaret Mechanical site about understanding motion.  It shows all types of cams, linkages, gears etc.    The content of Food a Fact of Life is carefully tailored to the teaching curriculum for 5- to 11- year olds. The site provides interactive projects and information sheets for children to help them discover more about the food they eat and you can download classroom and lesson resources including PowerPoint presentations, posters and activity cards.

DT Curriculum

Curriculum Map for Art and DT