St Mary’s Pupil Councils

At St Mary’s, our pupils’ opinions and ideas are a crucial element of our decision making.

We have 4 pupil councils, who focus on monitoring and improving different aspects of the school:

School Council – our School Council meets every week and discusses school-wide issues, as well as addressing concerns that children may have brought up in their classes. This year’s School Councillors are: Ismael, Ruby, Freddie, Aliyah, Rihanna, Ikhwan, Angelica, Nour, Rayan and Yasmin.

School Council letter May 2016Walk to school week





Playground Council – our Playground Council meets termly and discusses issues specific to the playground, such as play equipment, how to include all children in games, safety and the football rota. This year’s Playground Councillors are: Roshaan, Joseph, Khaled, Layla, Dylano, Ayida, Mariam, Mostafa, Nayra and Mohammed.

Green Team – our Green Team meets termly and discusses issues to do with our school environment. St Mary’s is a Green Flag school and a Gold STARS school, and environmental sustainability is very important to us. This year, the Green Team have been particularly involved in improving air quality around our school and have been supporting the ‘Don’t Be Idle’ campaign. Our Green team are: Zeinab, Esmail, Panos, Mehdi, Heidi, Sulaiman, Myra, Ali, Angel, Arwa and Lazzarus.

Faith Council – our Faith Council meet termly to give feedback on Collective Worship and RE. They help to plan the themes for Collective Worship and make suggestions about special events such as the Prayer Days we hold each term. Our Faith Councillors are: Lorcan, Lauren, Louis, Isobel, Malik, Zize, Sophia, Jouri, Arad and Poppy.