Clean Air Project

STOP PRESS! Tuesday 23rd May: Enford Street Closure for Play Street Event

We are delighted that on Tuesday 23rd May, between 3.00 and 5.15, Enford Street will be closed to traffic to allow us to hold a Play Street Event, focusing on clean air and road safety. There will be lots of fun things to do, including craft and cycling activities, and information about how the Marylebone Low Emissions Neighbourhood group is trying to reduce air pollution. We hope this will make some drivers think about the effect of their driving on our school, and will encourage families to adopt safer walking practices.

Play Street web

Very sadly, St Mary’s is the school with the highest recorded levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in London, due to its location next to the Marylebone Road.

Air Pollution - Telegraph 25.2.17Because of this, we are highly vigilant in protecting our pupils from toxic air and are always looking for ways to combat the effects of air pollution, and lobby those in power to make changes.

You can find out more about air pollution in this helpful video:


Check out today’s pollution levels on this helpful map from DEFRA.

Here are some of the things we have done/ are doing:

  • The School Council wrote to Mayor Khan in July – he wrote back to us explaining his plans for improving air quality School Council letter to Mayor, Mayor Response
  • The whole school wrote again to Mayor Khan in January, explaining the effects of air pollution on their health and suggesting actions that could be taken.
  • The School Council has undertaken surveys of traffic outside our school and reported these to Westminster Council.
  • The School Council has joined up with St Edward’s School Council, and met with local councillors to voice our concerns.
  • We invited experts from British Land to look at our building and provide ideas for protecting our site from pollution. We are now working on some of these ideas, e.g. bringing house plants into every classroom, raising money to turn part of the school car park into a garden, and mapping different routes children can take to work which avoid the most polluted roads
  • We have joined up with a local residents’ group and will be monitoring the air quality in different parts of our building for a month, so that we can work out the best areas for children to work and play in
  • We are talking to our neighbours, and local businesses, and we are starting to raise money for living walls and/or plants which will help shleter our school from pollution

Air pollution 1

Plants initiative

We are asking parents and friends of St Mary’s to contribute house plants from NASA’s suggested list, to make the air inside our school much safer to breathe:

NASA plantsPlant letter to parents

If you would like to donate a plant, we will very happily receive it and find a home for it!

If you would like to make a donation towards our Garden Project, please contact Ms Cahill at the school office: