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Why we teach maths


  • To make Maths relevant and meaningful to the children so that they can see how it plays a part in their world, the real world and the ‘maths world’
  • To give children the opportunity to enjoy numbers for numbers’ sake
  • To enable children to make links between different areas of maths (i.e. recognise that a missing number question is the same as finding how much liquid is added to a jug)
  • To develop children’s problem solving
  • To build children’s resilience
  • To give every child the chance to achieve well


How we teach maths


In the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception classes), the curriculum is guided by the Early Years Outcomes. A range of independent and adult led Maths activities are available on a daily basis, both indoors and outdoors (including during free flow time). Maths activities are always set in a practical context.

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In Nursery, Maths teaching starts with number songs and rhymes, to help children develop the appropriate language skills, and there are always opportunities for maths learning in the independent activities available.


Direct teaching focuses on number recognition, counting and shape.


In the Reception class, the children have at least 3 formal Maths sessions a week, each followed by an adult-led activity with the teacher. The pupils’ emerging attempts to record work are recorded in their Foundation Stage profile, which are shared with parents.


In Key Stages 1 and 2, we follow the National Curriculum.

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In Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Maths is taught using Maths No Problem text books, which support children in learning Maths through the Teaching for Mastery approach.


The Teaching for Mastery approach includes the following principles: all children are given a chance to be challenged as there are no fixed Maths groups; a variety of visual representations and materials (e.g. Numicon, base 10 blocks) are used; children are encouraged to record in a range of ways; they are taught to use maths in a range of different contexts to ensure deeper understanding.


Throughout the school we use 1:1 and small group teaching to enhance our Maths class teaching, to enable pupils to reach the highest possible standards in Maths by addressing any individual gaps or misconceptions.


Children are given regular opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge through problem solving, puzzles and investigations.


Our Maths Policy and Calculation Policy show how the children’s mathematical knowledge develops through the school:

What we teach

How parents can help

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